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ABB Robotics has worked with 2 world-renowned artists, eight yr old Indian kid prodigy Advait Kolarkar plus Dubai-based electronic design group Illusorr, to produce the world’s first robot-painted art car. ABB’s award-winning PixelPaint technology has, with out human intervention, perfectly recreated Advait’s swirling, monochromatic style as nicely as Illusorr’s tri-color geometrical patterns.

Pre-loaded with 1, 500 nozzles in the printer head, ABB’s IRB 5500 color robots were able to complete the particular highly complex artworks in less than 30 a few minutes. The PixelPaint technology demonstrates unprecedented accuracy and rate, capturing complex, elaborate fine detail that might be impossible to obtain by hand. A movie highlighting this world-first achievement can be seen here.

Sami Atiya, Leader of ABB’s Robotics & Discrete Automation business area, commented: “ABB’s PixelPaint technologies is more than a good evolution – it is a trend. It’s the shining illustration of how robotic software and the RobotStudio ® software can not only pave the way in which just for more environmentally friendly manufacturing but can also perfectly duplicate delicate pieces of artwork that celebrate the originality and beauty of a persons spirit. At a time when customers want more customized products, PixelPaint is really a game changer and enables any design to be replicated in a way that is certainly both eco friendly and inexpensive. ”

ABB’s ground-breaking PixelPaint technology reimagines the color application process and demonstrates the developing demand pertaining to sustainable personalization in the particular automotive aftermarket, especially in outside paint. Colorful car artwork has traditionally been the laborious plus costly process involving multiple stages associated with masking plus unmasking, yet ABB’s technologies permits the detailed, colourful, and specific replication associated with any design.

Carefully controlled, the paint can be quickly applied in one app. This success in the automation from the paint process opens the door to specialized plus personalized styles to the automotive market.

Influential automotive designer, Ian Callum, responsible for the design of the Aston Matn Vanquish and more recently the ground-breaking Jaguar I-Pace stated: “There’s something very unique about a car. Individuals get psychologically attached with all of them as well as the significance of personalization is becoming stronger and stronger. In fact, I’m working with customers who actually want the whole vehicle designed in a bespoke way. Which means this paint providing – using sorts associated with new amounts of individual design to get a motor vehicle – will be incredible. ”

PixelPaint technology also enhances manufacturing sustainability, removing the need for masking components and additional ventilation, which usually lowers exhausts while preserving water and energy. Coordinated from the firm’s RobotStudio software, the color head tracks very closely towards the vehicle body in order to ensure 100 percent of the paint is certainly applied to the car without airborne misting. Different color colors are applied rapidly, with the particular product just running through the color shop as soon as. For car manufacturers, this can halve the availability time and minimize costs by up in order to 60 percent.

To make the art vehicle, ABB restored a Volkswagen SUV that was broken in the particular catastrophic floods in Indonesia in the summer of 2021. The recycling confirms ABB’s dedication to durability whenever we can.

ABB supports the transformation associated with automotive production

ABB will be at the particular forefront of the development of smart production principles and technology in order to support the global automotive market, as it goes through one of the most significant periods associated with transformation within recent background. The transition will lead to the use of more robots in combination with other technologies, including Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). This can enable ABB’s automotive clients to optimize the delivery of elements across their facilities plus connect built-in, scalable, modular production tissues, such since PixelPaint, making sure the necessary flexibility to satisfy varying amounts of requirement.

Sami Atiya added: “We are in the particular midst associated with a substantial decade in the history associated with the automotive industry as well as the start of the new period. Automakers need to consider brand new ways associated with working toward the transition to electric powered vehicles. We have been working to support the particular industry with this transition plus I’m confident that along with flexible automation, sustainable transport will fast become truth. ”

Advait Kolarkar

Just eight years of age, Advait Kolarkar’s artwork is internationally acclaimed and is definitely kaleidoscopic and abstract within nature. He employs different shapes, elaborate designs plus bold splatters of interweaving lines. Advait posseses an exhibition of their collected works in London’s Gagliardi Photo gallery between twelve th and 22 nd May 2022.


Illusorr really are a global digital style collective dependent in Dubai. The team of creatives are through the avant-garde sector of architecture and design. Their electronic designs are usually inspired by a mixture associated with nature and science hype.

Regarding Ian Callum

Ian Callum (CBE) is an Uk car developer who has proved helpful for Kia, TWR, Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. Pertaining to two decades he was the Movie director of Style for Jaguar Land Rover, in which he developed the X-Type, XJ, S-Type, F-Pace plus I-Pace, among many others. In 2006, he had been honored along with a Regal Designer with regard to Industry (RDI) award from the Royal Society of Arts. Callum was appointed Leader of the Order associated with the Uk empire (CBE) in the 2019 Birthday celebration Honours intended for services towards the British car industry.

Within 2019, Ian Callum launched his very own eponymously called automotive and product design company, CALLUM.

Ian Callum LinkedIn

About ABB Robotics & Under the radar Automation

ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation is really a leader in robotics, machine automation and electronic services, giving innovative solutions for any varied selection of industrial sectors, from automotive to consumer electronics to strategies. Among the world’s leading robotics and device automation providers, we have delivered over 500, 000 robot solutions. All of us help our customers of all dimensions to boost productivity, flexibility and simpleness and also to enhance output quality. We support their changeover to the linked and collaborative factory of the upcoming. ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation utilizes a lot more than 10, 000 individuals at more than 100 locations in more than 53 countries.

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