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Clay and cutting tools

Bodily model producing at ŠKODA AUTO can be headed by Vlastimil Pažout, who runs the routines of three studios: outside, interior plus components. The exterior facilities is the particular largest model building place of work – the hall can accommodate up to seven 1: 1 scale versions. By the particular way, smaller sized models are usually hardly ever made in ŠKODA, the last being the eVoiturette vision through the Icons Get a Makeover collection .  

“When working on concepts for car shows and designed for future production cars, we all do every thing at one: 1 level, because some details may not be noticeable at the smaller scale, ” explains Vlastimil Pažout.  

People to the studio might be amazed by the particular large milling machines. These are portion of the car’s transition from the particular digital planet to the bodily one. Whilst modellers utilized to form cars from clay completely by hand, today the milling device does the particular basic work. The basis from the model’s construction is definitely a steel frame installed with polyurethane foam pieces, plus a layer of clay is applied to this skeletal system. This really is warmed to 50-60 °C in a particular oven, producing the clay-based very malleable and easy to relationship. After air conditioning to normalcy space temperature, this hardens. This particular is furthermore one of the reasons why versions are not made entirely of clay. Besides being incredibly heavy (they weigh various tonnes even so) and expensive, the clay can crack or even come off in pieces.

“After the base layer can be applied, the equipment cuts the clay into the basic form that had been made by electronic modellers within collaboration along with the developers, ” states Vlastimil Pažout. Once the particular structure offers been given the fundamental outline, the modellers’ work begins. Making use of scrapers, kitchen knives, trowels plus other equipment, they fine-tune the primary lines, which are usually “a bit sharp” after the initial milling.  

The result of their own work is definitely then scanned and converted into a 3D model that could be worked along with further and used because a schedule for more milling or design visualisations and digital presentations. In fact, many alternative styles are created for every car when developing the car’s appearance, plus one of them is chosen designed for the final design path. “Model makers are musicians and experts of their own craft. Together with the particular designer, they basically sketch in clay, applying their own artistic ability and encounter. At the same time they will have in order to be completely in synchronize with all the developer, ” states Vlastimil Pažout.

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