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Pictures of the pimped-up Probox automobile have elicited controversy from Kenyans online more than the vehicle’s unique and stylish style.  

The vehicle which provides appeared upon various interpersonal media systems is a dark Probox, smoothly coated with creative images painted on the physiology.

The brains at the rear of the look associated with the vehicle are related to a group of younger Kenyans specifically; Gesure Autopimp, Perfect Stitch Car Decorations also recognized as ‘Black Bondo’, Zest Artist,   Lights greatest Auto, andTint by Fleek cars.

Speaking to Kenyans. co. ke , Kevin Gesure of Gesure Autopimp reveals that will the idea behind the pimping associated with the Probox was really a mixture between personalisation and having uniqueness within design.

An image of the Interior of the 'Black Bondo' vehicle.

A good image of the Interior from the ‘Black Bondo’ vehicle.


Kevin Gesure

“We work since a group of 4, the idea in designing the vehicle had been to stick out in conditions of personalisation, to position and market ourselves away there. Also, we attempted to be special in the way you approach the look, ” he revealed.

Kevin noted that the vehicle hailed from ‘Black Bondo’ the manager of Ideal Stitch Car Interiors which aside through creating an enthusiasm for automobiles is also directly into furniture designs.

Interestingly sufficient, Kevin advised Kenyans. company. ke that will the automobile in query was not created for high-class alone ,  

“We use this particular vehicle as a company for course merchandise(car seats, upholstery materials etc) that individuals also style, as a lot as this looks clod, it is definitely a workaholic for all of us too, ” he remarked.

He put across that will designing the particular vehicle got an optimum of fourteen days.

“We invested two weeks to finish creating and pimping the car, this particular can even be reduced to lower than that depending on the clients’ ability to finance the project. The particular quicker the client pays, the particular faster all of us deliver the project, ” he communicated.

On exactly how much it accepted design the vehicle, Kevin revealed that they spent Ksh407, 500 to get the Probox up plus running.  

“We spent Ksh45, 000 on Part Kits, Ksh40, 000 on Spoilers, Ksh40, 000 regarding Bumper Front Kits, Picture paintings from Ksh30, 000 (3), Artwork of the particular vehicle took Ksh55, 000. ”

“Mounting of car headlights cost Ksh35, 000 every, while back lights took Ksh twenty two, 000. We all spent Ksh80, 000 upon wheels, Ksh40, 000 every on rims and tires respectively, inch he added.

The automobile, Kevin said, has Toyota Crown seats built in all of them as well as the vehicle can support no more than 5 people.

He or she equally advised that this automobile partakes in Motorshow contests with their most recent appearances being at Karen, Uhuru Backyards and Two Rivers shopping mall.  

Kevin notes that in the automotive company, visibility is definitely important to get clients and subscribers.

An image of the 'Black Bondo' Vehicle being worked on in a garage.

An image of the particular ‘Black Bondo’ Vehicle getting labored on within a garage area.


Kevin Gesure

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