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It’s no secret that will car design lacks several of the particular passion associated with classic sports activities cars plus muscle cars of years past. However, names like Bertone create hope in the hearts of car enthusiasts that live for your artistic aspect of automobile design. However, the illustrious Gruppo Bertone declared bankruptcy years back, even with influencing great vehicles such as the Lancia Stratos plus Fiat X19. Nevertheless , the particular great title is back using a sportscar teaser, plus we wish it’s not a condemned reboot.    

Just what Bertone car?

Bertone cars are automobiles which the Bertone company styled and designed. While you may not have heard associated with know a lot about the style house, the designers have influenced, inspired, and created probably the most classic cars in history. For example, Marcello Gandini, a famous car developer who proved helpful for Bertone, designed the particular Lamborghini Miura and Lancia Stratos. Furthermore, Gruppo Bertone designed the particular beloved small Fiat X19, a people’s sports car with classic Italian design.  

The new Bertone teaser is a modern supercar that channels the Lancia Stratos.
The particular new supercar teaser channels the sand iron shape | Bertone

Gruppo Bertone started living as Carrozzeria Bertone, a good Italian design house plus child associated with Giovanni Bertone. During the particular company’s tenure, designers such as Gandini influenced many of the most spectacular sports plus supercars. Still, the namesake promised to come back and even teased a new supercar recently.      

Does Bertone still exist?

In accordance to CarThrottle , Gruppo Bertone announced bankruptcy in 2014, as well as the prospect of a reboot looked bleak. Nevertheless , Mauro plus Jean-Franck Ricci are bringing back the particular beloved Italian language design namesake. Moreover, the Ricci Siblings are optimistic about exactly what they’ll be able to do along with their encounter working upon projects with marques such as Stellantis, Vw , and Renault. In least for the time being, it appears to be the style lineage accountable for vehicles like the particular Fiat X19 and Lamborghini Countach is back and ready to make a direct effect.  

A new supercar from an Italian giant promises to channel the Fiat X19's beloved wedge.
The concept supercar teaser brandishes the particular iconic N | Bertone

Better yet, the recently revived marque, on its 110th anniversary, teased a new mid-engine sportscar. Moreover, the particular silhouette from the new concept looks such as it’s channeling the wedge-shaped aesthetics of Bertone favorites such as the Lancia Stratos Absolutely no. That’s interesting news regarding fans of the Italian style house’s classic work.  

Who developed the Fiat X19?

The Fiat X19 is a good older brainchild from the Bertone design house. Nevertheless , toward the finish of the Fiat X19’s tenure, Gruppo Bertone also took over its produce. The traditional wedge-like sports vehicle shape associated with the X19 is a clear representation of the design house’s aesthetic language. Moreover, the new teaser resembles much of the classic design that fans from the small sports vehicle really like. Naturally , the particular new vehicle will also incorporate contemporary styling tips like flush-mounted door handles and Cyberpunk-esque lighting.  

The Fiat X19 has a long tradition with Gruppo Bertone.
Bertone X19 | Manfred Schmid, Getty Images

Do they will still make Fiat X19?

Unfortunately, the Fiat X19 is not any a lot more. However , the new mid-engine Bertone sportscar teaser acts as a medium with regard to wedge-shaped most favorite of yesteryear. In truth, the look house even utilized glamor shots from the traditional Carabo in order to prompt the question associated with what the boutique marque’s next fantasy car will be.  

Fortunately for car lovers, the namesake’s reboot doesn’t look such as a cloak-and-dagger refresh like De Tomaso. Under the particular creative leadership of the Ricci Brothers, the particular beloved style giants might be to produce stunning cars from the boutique procedure.  

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