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Editor’s notice: At the particular 2023 Goodwood Revival, Hagerty will be showing an unusual, 1954 Pegaso Saoutchik Coupé, giving visitors a chance in order to consume the work of one of the particular last century’s most recognized coachbuilders – Saoutchik. Matt Master recounts the story of the guy behind the name.

In the infancy of the automobile, decades before the creation of physical production outlines and six-figure build quantities, the personal car could be as unique to its wealthy owner as being a handmade footwear or bespoke suit. During the early 1900s, the vehicle seemed to be a good art form, an origin associated with individual reflection that produced minor famous people of the guys creating all of them and set up an enduring mythology around their rarefied create. Probably the most visionary associated with these traditional coachbuilders, sought-after by the great and good across Europe plus beyond just for almost half a centuries, was Iakov Savtchuk, better known nowadays as Jacques Saoutchik.

Created in traditional western Russia in 1880, Saoutchik left his homeland at the age group of 19, heading with his brother for the bright lights and untold possibilities of fin de siècle Paris. Having trained as being a cabinet maker in a small town near Minsk, Saoutchik was able to sign up for a minimal furniture company within the eleven th arrondissement through where he rapidly became acquainted with the particular machinations and mores of his newfound homeland. His sights as a designer and maker were soon arranged far higher than mere household furniture; Saoutchik had spied a specialized niche within the freshly emerging business from the motorcar.

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In 1906, having previously adopted a far more western interpretation of his name, Saoutchik set up his very own coachbuilding company within the nearby district associated with Neuilly-sur-Seine plus began constructing highly intricate horseless buggy on bare chassis supplied by automotive pioneers such as Hotchkiss plus Panhard. Inside a period where the rules associated with car-making were loosely described and the clientele usually insistent about the finer things, Saoutchik spoke in order to his marketplace with ravenscroft clarity. Still his first creations shown an ingenuity, attention to detail and sheer extravagance which was unmatched anywhere in the world.

Pegaso Saoutchik Coupe front
The Pegaso Saoutchik Coupé, or even Z102-B, landed as Saoutchik found by itself struggling for survival.

On the Concours d’Élegance de La Considerável Cascade, a good exhibition developed to present Parisian high-society to the wonders of the automobile, Saoutchik’s screen was the particular star appeal, the combination of sophisticated design and peerless high quality cementing their reputation as the definitive ‘manufacture de voitures de luxe’. Cars such as the 22 RESUME Berliet, designed in 1907, offered a fit and finish hitherto hidden, the lustre of the bodywork and jewel-like information captivating audiences from throughout the social strata.  

Orders began to flood within, from aristocrats and wealthy industrialists to international royals as much afield since Norway plus Spain. In 1911, a commission arrived at the humble premises at 46 Bum out over Jacques Dulud to style the original Popemobile, designed with this kind of characteristic acumen that simply no pictures possess survived.

After the finish of the particular First Globe War, Saoutchik rose to new heights, developing what was referred to as ‘transformable’, versatile and alterable car bodies that can be completely open or fully shut and a number of combinations in between. It had been during this time period that will Saoutchik’s flamboyance and attention to detail began to be combined by their innovation. Patents were submitted to get a wide variety of inventions, which includes an adaptable windshield, a convertible roof, a window-lowering mechanism plus cantilevered doors.

1954 Pegaso Saoutchik Coupe

Because the century progressed, Saoutchik’s creations advanced in stage with fast and dramatic societal modify, becoming progressively more modern and adventurous as the Artwork Nouveau landscaping around your pet reshaped modern fashions. He or she supplied vehicles to the particular new royalty of Hollywood, Douglas Fairbanks and Martha Pickford famously exporting to their Los Angeles home the Saoutchik-bodied six-cylinder Delage coupé that these people had alighted upon in the Paris, france Salon in 1921. Within advertising material, ‘J. Saoutchik, Carrossier Sobre Luxe’ became ‘Le Carrossier En Vogue’, with the promise that will his vehicles were ‘adoptes expertise des femmes élegantes tout autant que sportives dans le partie entire. ’ Beautiful in order to behold, Saoutchik’s cars had been a lot more exceptional to experience first-hand, with appealing interiors using exotic hardwoods and carefully hand-stitched quilted leathers to provide a degree of luxury unparalleled and unrivalled in the world associated with private transportation.

By mid-1920s, Saoutchik has been working in close up cooperation with the majority of the established engine plus chassis contractors, with Rolls Royce, Bentley Hizpano-Suiza, Isotta-Fraschini, Minerva and Mercedes every in the publications. In 1927, he journeyed towards the US ALL to go to his brother plus engage in some urgent consultancy work for a failing Pierce-Arrow. He came back emboldened by many facets of American car design, using the nouveau riche grandiosity of the East Coast aristocracy returning to Europe plus deploying this with new found vigour.

History of Saoutchik coachbuilers

In the meantime, developments within third party engineering plus Saoutchik’s very own manufacturing processes were furthermore allowing the particular traditional, erect carriage of the earlier area of the century to become abandoned in favour of increasingly rakish designs with lower roofing lines, sweeping pontoon fenders and huge bonnets. Stately elegance has been now spreading space with a new-found dynamism and strength, and the late 1920s became a something associated with a Zenith for Saoutchik, his cars the ideal accompaniment to an regarding excess.

The dream could only final so long, however. The particular 1930s saw an economic downturn grip European countries, the austerity from the consequences inevitably throttling business regarding boutique coachbuilders. For the first time in his profession, Saoutchik had been witnessing a stable decline, alongside the specific possibility that will his artistic vision had been no lengthier the last word. Streamlining was beginning to come about with the particular American Artwork Deco movement, migrating from architecture in order to automotive by 1934 along with the wants of Chrylser and Studebaker, and more recently Tatra plus Bugatti, every adopting types that made little feeling to the 19 th Century artisan.

The arrival of the Second World War did few favours designed for Saoutchik possibly, neither in terms of his business nor their reputation. Offender of collaboration during the German career of Vichy France, such as many market leaders who seem to had discovered themselves of use towards the Third Reich – Louis Renault among them ­– Saoutchik was quickly imprisoned plus later forced to pay a strong 120, 000 franc great as part of plea bargain that revoked the sentence associated with dégradation nationale , the conviction for the purpose of national unworthiness that removed its people of political, civil plus professional rights.

Saoutchik had been dispirited plus disgraced, possibly unfairly, plus increasingly disengaged from the particular society that will had driven his business and layered his storage compartments for therefore long. By 1946, he had largely presented with the reins of the business in order to his kid Pierre, who else would provide a vibrant new aspect to both workshop plus easel. While the carrosserie remained busy constructing relatively old-fashioned state and private transportation for commanders of the old world, exciting brand new relationships were being solid by Pierre, with more future-facing and gaming creations conceived for the enjoys Talbot-Lago and Delahaye.

Within the post-war period, the particular Saoutchik stable began to embrace greatly more sculptural and sleek forms, the new vocabulary with which Pierre could continue to exhibit the interplay between the lovely as well as the luxurious. Stretched plus streamlined bodywork, necessitated by visual predicament rather than anything more medical, was right now playing along with proportion in order to an almost comical diploma and even though Saoutchik Senior citizen, now in the late 60s, was very happy to have a back again seat, the impact of his son’s own oeuvre was unquestionable.

Simply by 1952, Pierre had set up a relationship with Pegaso, a Spanish manufacturer of commercial vehicles keen to enhance its picture with an injection associated with sporting style. Within the next two years, Saoutchik would create 18 cars for Pegaso, both coupé and cabriolet, based about an advanced transaxle design and all-aluminium V8. The Z-102B (seen here) divided opinion, however , with Saoutchik’s trademark sparkle now on odds with all the more traditional designs on offer by the likes of Carrozzeria Traveling, who had also been contracted to body an operate of cars for Pegaso.  

Component of the particular problem place in the struggle to adapt to modern manufacturing processes, Saoutchik’s very identification as a coachbuilder bound as it was inside a tradition becoming left behind by monocoque chassis style. Every illustration of the Z-102B Saoutchik built has been different, prohibitively priced consequently and the particular styling frequently too outré to convince enough customers away from more familiar Uk and Italian language exotica to take a punt on the Spanish upstart. Poor sales of the particular initial run drove what would confirm to become the final toe nail to the organization coffin. Amid spiralling financial obligations and decreasing demand meant for its once coveted companies, Saoutchik announced bankruptcy in 1955. Its founder died later exactly the same year.


Today, cars of almost all ages bodied by Saoutchik command eye-watering prices to the rare occasions they are offered meant for sale, the true value of exacting workmanship and daring design appreciated all the more in an period of homogeny and wheeled white materials. For a man now so unfamiliar to most of the car universe, Jacques Saoutchik was obviously a remarkable skill whose impressive cars enriched the automotive landscape forever.

Going in order to the Goodwood Revival? Don’t miss the Pegaso Saoutchik Coupé (chassis 0146) upon Hagerty’s stand, situated in the ‘Over the road’ area.

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