Piip is the playful electrical car made by designer Harald Thys – Wallpaper*

Piip is the playful electric powered car developed by musician Harald Thys

Piip by Harald Thys and Lowie Vermeersch is a speculative task for any friendly electric household car, displayed in the Maniera Gallery inside Brussels

Belgian designer Harald Thys has worked with Brussels gallery plus design firm Maniera   on an display that extends its focus on unique industrial design tasks. Thys is better known for the purpose of dealing with Jos de Gruyter, creating dreamlike sculptures plus drawings that will evoke people art and children’s sketches.  

Piip is definitely an electrical car, a design created not through focus groupings and decades of properly curated brand heritage, yet away from Thys’  long-standing obsession with cars and car culture.  

The style itself references the particular rounded, proto-aerodynamic kinds of early mass-market ‘people’s cars ’, combined with the naïve images of a child’s idealistic representation – hood, passenger area, boot.

Tires and car headlights are kept small, along with the circular motif increasing to mirrors and doorhandles. The bodywork is rounded and friendly, with no aggressive perspectives or voracious-looking ducts.  

Maniera provides always been about invited collaborations, bringing architects, musicians, and developers together to create ‘functional objects’ in the gallery framework.

To provide this project to our lives, Thys worked with Belgian car developer Lowie Vermeersch, formerly associated with Pininfarina and now head of the Granstudio mobility design agency.  

The particular car design was created in collaboration using the Belgian car designer Lowie Vermeersch

For Vermeersch, the relationship was a desired diversion through the industry’s current path; he explains Piip as ‘a modestly sweet design, far from all the wicked and malicious car designs of the survive decade’.

Meant for the exhibit, the photo gallery becomes a virtual car showroom, finish with mythical branding and 3D-printed models. §

The particular Piip ’showroom’ at Maniera Gallery within Brussels


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