Straighten Your Smile With Braces

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Dental misalignment, crooked teeth or an unsatisfactory bite can have a significant impact on someone’s oral health. Not only does it make eating, chewing and speaking difficult but it may lead to serious problems as well.

Braces provide the solution to these issues and help create beautiful straight smiles. In addition, they address irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction and aesthetic improvements.

What are braces?

Braces are a widely-used treatment to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. While they’re most frequently used during adolescence, braces can also benefit adults who want to improve their smile.

They work by applying sustained pressure to shift teeth back into their proper positions. However, this process takes time as bone needs to morph for effective movement of the teeth.

They can also help prevent issues like overcrowding and gaps between teeth, which are difficult to clean and may lead to gum disease and heart problems later in life.

Why do I need braces?

If you have misaligned teeth, bite misalignments, jaw issues or speech impediments or would like to prevent these problems in the future, braces are a reliable solution for straightening your smile.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is one of the best ways to promote overall wellbeing and contentment. It also plays an integral role when it comes to building confidence levels.

How long will I need braces?

Straightening your teeth is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your smile and prevent oral issues like enamel erosion, gum disease, and cavities.

An experienced orthodontist can assess your mouth and jaw to determine if braces are suitable for you. They then develop a treatment plan to achieve the desired result.

When considering how long you will need braces, several factors come into play such as age, your orthodontic needs and compliance with your care plan. A healthy diet and adhering to instructions from your orthodontist will ensure you achieve the results desired in a minimum amount of time.

How will I know if I need braces?

If your teeth are crooked or crowded, braces may be necessary to create more space and realign your bite. If left untreated, a malocclusion could eventually lead to an impacted tooth that needs pulling or requires costly surgery.

You can tell if braces are necessary by looking at any uneven or excessive gaps between your teeth. These gaps may cause issues with eating, jaw misalignment and tooth decay.

How will I know if I’m a good candidate for braces?

To determine if braces are right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hukmani and have him perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and jaw.

Crooked or misaligned teeth can lead to numerous dental issues and even chronic pain or health complications. Common alignment problems include crossbites, overbites and underbites.

How will I know if I’m a good candidate for Invisalign?

If you are considering Invisalign for your bite issue, it is essential to know if you qualify. There are a few factors that will determine eligibility such as how severe the issue is and your age.

To determine if you are eligible for Invisalign, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist. They can determine your eligibility and suggest the most beneficial course of action.

How will I know if I’m a good candidate for clear aligners?

Clear aligners have become increasingly popular as a less noticeable alternative to braces. Made of clear medical-grade plastic, they’re much harder to detect than standard metal braces and offer greater comfort.

Clear aligners can effectively correct most types of malocclusion. However, some cases still require traditional braces or a combination of techniques for optimal results.

How will I know if I’m a good candidate for Invisalign clear aligners?

If you’re considering braces but don’t like the idea of metal brackets or wires, Invisalign clear aligners could be your perfect solution. These system of plastic trays is customized by doctors from molds taken of your teeth for a perfect fit.

Invisalign clear aligners are a great solution for many mild orthodontic issues, such as gaps, overcrowding and bite misalignments. However, if you have more serious issues such as an overbite or crossbite, more advanced orthodontic treatment may be necessary.

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